What’s Japanese Udon?Today topic is white thick noodle.


konnichi ha minasann(こんにち は みなさん)

I’m Yuto Nakahira (@yu_torisu4)

Today, I think that I want to write about Udon. Do you know Udon?

What’s Udon?

Udon are white thick noodle made from wheat flour. It is soft on your tongue.

We usually eat Udon in a hot soup. In the hot soup, you can put tempura, beef, egg, or seaweed over the Udon. I would recommend to put tempura over the Udon.

But you can choose hot or cold. We usually eat cold Udon in summer. Because the Japanese summer is very hot.

Some people don’t have a good appetite because of the heat. So people choose cold Udon in summer.

Japan has many fast-food Udon restaurant. I often go to the Marugameseimen.

Marugameseimen is famous in Japan.

We can buy instant Udon from convenience stores or supermarket.

Remember one thing!

Slurping Udon is not bad manners in Japan!

There are many kids of Udon.

Udon noodles in a hot soup.(かけうどん-kakeu don)

Udon noodles in a hot soup with various ingredients and condiments (ぶっかけうどん-Bukkakeu don)


Cold udon noodles on a bamboo colander (ざるうどん-zaru udon)


Udon noodles straight from the pot and not soaked in cold water(かまあげうどん-kamaage udon)

What topping are you getting?

・with  deep fried きつねうどん-kitsune udon


・with green onions and deep fried tofu きざみうどん-kizami udon

・with beef にくうどん-niku udon

・with tempura てんぷらうどん-tenpura udon


・with egg つきみうどん tsukimi-udon

・with rice cakes ちからうどん-chikara udon

・with grated japanese radish おろしうどん-oroshiudon

・with curry soup カレーうどん kare- udon


You should try to have udon, when you come to Japan.

Thank you very much for reading through this my blog.

see you next time.